A feature of our Irish Cufflinks, is the national emblem of Ireland, the Celtic Harp. The instrument became the emblem on Irish coinage in the 16TH century and has since become a significant marker of national identity and Irish pride.

It is truly unique in that we are the only country in the world to use a musical instrument as a national symbol, showing the importance of music in Irish culture.

By putting the Harp on Ireland’s currency in the 16th century, the harp was recognised as the official symbol of Ireland and it has held a special place in our hearts ever since.

In 1926, a committee was formed to choose the design for new Irish coins. The committee was headed by WB Yeats, an Irish poet, it was decided that the coins will feature a series of native animals and the obverse side of the coin will feature the famous Irish Harp.


To this day, the harp is still a prominent feature in Ireland’s currency, and is also found on the Presidential Seal, on Irish passports, on many official documents and even on a Pint of Guinness.  

The Celtic Harp has always been a beloved symbol in Irish History and Culture, and it will be loved for years to come.