My name is Grace and I started working for World Coin Cufflinks in late June 2017.
Having come from university, where I studied Jewellery Design, World Coin Cufflinks is my first full time Jewellery job. I have worked part time in jewellery workshops before, but getting to come to the workshop every day and make cufflinks and pendants has been an amazing experience so far. I have spent the last few months finding my way around the workshop; from the tools to the making methods, as well as the huge collection of coins from all around the world which are used to make the cufflinks.
Learning about the different types of coins has been one of my favourite things about being here in the workshop. There is a huge range of sizes and metals, designs and weights. It's also really interesting to see the change in political and royal leaders on the backs of the coins moving through the years, and to learn which years the coins weren't in ciculation.
I can't wait to keep learning about the history of currency while making beautifl cufflinks!

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Many thanks