Fathers day falls on the 3rd Sunday of June, and having become a father recently, I cannot wait for a payback day, when hopefully it will be a morning of rest, and maybe just maybe breakfast in bed ! Buts that  is wishing....there is also the possibility of a new toolkit, but we'll see !

Fathers day came about to honor all the fathers out in the world, in the same way as Mothers day is celebrated. At birthday cufflinks you can choose the year that a special person in your life was born, also if you go to a year, scroll down to read the events which happened in that year and over the coming weeks we will be adding Videos from each year as well. We are going to put in the music of the day, so we are busy researching the information. 

When it comes to owning possessions from the year I was born, most people have little as a reminder. At birthday cuff links you can choose a set of cufflinks made from genuine coins of that year. Which means the coins used in the cufflinks are as old as the person wearing them. Its nice to have something which has been on the planet as long as you have. All feedback we have received from customers is very positive and people love the links to the past. So if you are looking for a fathers day gift, please check out our cufflinks. Our coin cufflinks start in 1928 onwards, so please look around for the year of someone special to you. Thanks

You can choose by Country

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Below is a Irish threepence from 1968