Why did you set it up?
We love nostalgia and programmes like reeling in the years, which show the History of Ireland and the events of each year, we also find it fascinating that you could be wearing something which is old as you FAQ.

We received requests from people asking us for specific years, so we collected coins over many years and are now able to offer coins from 1928 back to 2011. Some years coins were not made, but for all others we have made cufflinks using the Irish threepence, Irish sixpence, Irish Shilling, Irish 5p, Irish 10p, Irish ½ p and Irish 1p, we have also included a section of funky 50’ps for the more daring.

Do you have every year?

Coins were not made for every year. For example in 1989 no coins were made, so we do not have any coin cufflinks for that year.

How do I contact Birthday Cufflinks?
Please fill in an email enquiry sheet which can be found within the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website or alternatively call 087 977 7265

Why are there different prices for the coin cufflinks?
The price can be a result of low mintage in a particular coin, so for example 1937 shilling are very rare and can sell up to €2,000 for just one uncirculated coin, also earlier coins contained silver and are more expensive to buy.

How do I know when my order has been received?
Upon receipt of your order an email confirmation will be sent to the email address provided.

Can orders be delivered to a different address to my own?
Yes, if you would like to send as a present, please include the shipping address when checking out through PayPal.

How is my gift packaged?

All of the cufflinks come in a beautiful silver cufflink box

Do you clean the coins?

Yes, we hand polish every coin to bring it back to its former glory, where we can we will use uncirculated coins, so any coins from 2000 or a threepence from 1968 will be an uncirculated coin, straight from its original bank roll.