Two weeks ago, the Irish Business Organisation of New York asked us for a special set of cufflinks for their annual dinner.

The guest speaker was Enda Kenny, they also had the CEO of Ernst and Young, the CEO of NBC Networks, and the CEO of Revlon attending, as well as the grand marshal for the St. Patricks day Parade.

They choose the 1928 Cufflinks, which are made using the first series of coins minted for the Irish state. The feedback from the IBO, NY, the cufflinks were a big success and the Taoiseach was delighted with them and to receive the set.

The Irish Business Organisation also used them last year, and kindly wrote about the cufflinks on their website as well. Photo below. IBO Grand Marshall receives as set of the threepence cufflinks

We are waiting for the door to ring with our truck full of Revlon products !

Many thanks to the IBO for getting them as a Corporate Gift.