We just wanted to give you an update on birthdaycufflinks.ie

As the anniversary years change, so do the coin sets. Ireland is quite unique where we only minted certain coins in certain years, verus larger coins like the US where they would mint say the 10 cent coin every year, Ireland minted the Irish threepence in 1956 but didn't make then in 1957 or 1958.

For the main years we have the following for 2018.

75th Birthday - 1943 - Irish threepence in Cufflinks and Pendant. There are genuine 1943 Irish threepence coins.

60th Birthday - 1958 Sixpence. The sixpence was the only coin minted in Ireland in 1958 and they were made in small quantities. They are rare coins and we are going to sell out of the 1958 coins shortly and they will not be available. A really rare gift to give. We spend ages hunting for these coins.

50th Birthday - Choice of the Irish threepence or the Irish sixpence. 1968 was the last year the Irish threepence was minted as decilimisation came in to Ireland in 1971 and Ireland was winding down production of the 'Old money' The threepence is one of our favourite coins and featues the Irish hare.

40th Birthday - 1978
Can you believe that 1978 is 40 years ago !

For 1978, we have the Irish 1/2p coin, they are beautiful copper coins and are perfect size for Cufflinks. They are a rare enough coin as they were phased out for their older brother the 1p coin.

The symbol on the coin is taken from the Book of Kells, and really unique gift for a 40th.

30th - 50p coins. 
Yes, we made Cufflinks from the 1988 Irish 50p coins. They are huge and would suit someone who is into their bling. We are the only company who make Cufflinks from the 50p coin so enjoy them while they last. Again, these are large coins, and will certainly become a talking point for the wearer.

21st - No coins made that year which were Cufflink size in 1997 !

18th - You are in luck. For those lucky enough to get married in the year 2000 or lucky enough to be born, you have a choice of 3 coins from 2000 which we have made into Cufflinks 

The 5p featuring the bull the 10p featuring the Salmon of wisdom and knowledge and the 1p featuring a celtic bird. 

All of the Irish coin cufflinks and Irish coin pendants are available from www.birthdaycufflinks.ie and just choose the occasion on the left or the specific year from the year pull down menu.

We have 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders and they are presented in Cufflinks presentation boxes.


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