Irish Sixpence Cufflinks


80th Birthday Gift.1939 was a very rare year for the Irish Sixpence Coin with a low amount of coins minted. The Irish 6d sixpence or in Irish the 'reul', depicts a Irish wolfhound and the inscription of the value in the Irish script alphabet, while the obverse features the Irish Harp. The coins were last minted in 1968, hold cursor over photo for a closer look

The year on the coin you receive will be the specific year of the listing

1939 - Information and Events from 1939

Kerry won the All Ireland Senior Football Championship
Kilkenny won the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship

Famous Irish people born that year include

Seamus Heaney (Poet)

Also, born that year were

Dusty Springfield (Singer)
Joe Kapp (American Footballer)
John Cleese (Comedian)
John Howard (Prime Minister of Australia)
Peter Fonda (Actor)
Tina Turner (Singer)
Tom Harkin (US Politician)

Inventions in 1939 included

Electron microscope

Famous Irish movies included

Hell’s Kitchen
Irish Luck

Also that year

Germany and the Soviet Union attacked Poland and Britain, France, India, Australia and new Zealand declared war on Germany on September 3rd, the United States decided to remain neutral but did begin rearming for war , which helped end the great depression.
Dictator Francisco Franco conquers Madrid, ending the Spanish Civil War
Last public execution in France - murderer Eugene Weidmann is decapitated by the guillotine.
Albert Einstein writes President Franklin Roosevelt about developing the Atomic Bomb using Uranium. This led to the creation of the Manhattan Project.
Russia Invades Finland
Assassination Attempt On Hitler fails by 8 minutes
Thailand Changes it's Name From Siam
Regular television broadcasts began in the United States

1939 - Videos from 1939