Irish 1/2p Cufflinks


Perfect 40th Birthday Gift. 1980 Irish Halfpenny Coin. These unique cufflinks are made from genuine old Irish Halfpenny Coins. The cufflinks feature an image of an ornamental bird , taken from the Book of Kells and also feature The Irish Harp, a symbol of the history, culture and heritage of the Emerald Isle. These cufflinks are made by hand not machine, the coins are inset into the cufflinks and come in a beautiful silver presentation box. You are covered with our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. Give a piece of history as a gift today..

The year on the coin you receive will be the specific year of the listing

1980 - Information and Events from 1980

Kerry won the All Ireland Senior Football Champions
Galway won the All Ireland Senior Hurling Champions

Born that year were

Jessica Simpson (Singer)
Venus Williams (Tennis Pro)
Christina Aguilera (Singer)

Inventions in 1980 included

Hepatitis-B vaccine

Also that year

Start of Iran/ Iraq War
London: The SAS end a six- day siege of the Iranian Embassy. They kill four terrorists and free nineteen hostages
Zimbabwe formerly Rhodesia gains independence. Prince Philip attends the ceremony to hand the country over. Bob Marley plays at the new Zimbabwe concert.
In Poland Solidarity Trade Union Formed and shipyard workers go on strike. Lech Walesa leads the trade union 'Solidarity'
The US Fails in operation to free hostages in Iran, which many say cost US President Carter the next election.
Johnny Logan wins the Eurovision with “What’s Another Year”.
A Dublin court cancels a Boomtown Rats concert because of fears for crowd safety. Singer Bob Geldof rejects the court's decision. The battle goes on for two weeks. The Rats finally play at Leixlip Castle to fourteen thousand fans.....Bob Geldof claims victory.
The television world is asked in the TV series Dallas ‘Who shot JR?’
The world is shocked to hear the news that John Lennon was murdered in Cental Park, New York.
‘There’s No One Like Grandma’ by St. Winifred’s School Choir is painfully the Christmas Number 1

Other songs that year

Abba: I Have A Dream
Boomtown Rats: Someone's Looking At You
Blondie: Atomic
Johnny Logan: What's Another Year ?
Nolan Sisters: I'm In The Mood For Dancing
The Clash: London Calling
Split Enz: I Got You
U2- Stories For Boys
Brendan Shine: Catch Me If You Can
Queen: Another One Bites The Dust
Bagatelle: Summer In Dublin.
T.R. Dallas: Oh Lord It's Hard To Be Humble
Queen: Flash
John Lennon: Imagine

1980 - Videos from 1980