Irish Threepence Cufflinks


70th Birthday Gift.Irish Threepence Cufflinks. The Irish 3d threepence or in Irish the 'leath reul', depicts a hare and the inscription of the value in the Irish script alphabet, while the obverse features the Irish Harp. The coins were last minted in 1968, hold cursor over photo for a closer look

The year on the coin you receive will be the specific year of the listing

1948 - Information and Events from 1948

Cavan the All Ireland Senior Football Championship
Waterford  won the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship

Famous Irish people born that year include

Gerry Adams (Leader of Sinn Fein)

Also, born that year were

Al Gore (American Politician)/Alice Cooper (American Singer)
Cat Stevens (Singer)/David Davis (Conservative MP)
Donna Karan (Fashion Designer)/Ian McEwan (Author)
James Taylor (Singer)/Jeremy Irons (Actor)
Ozzy Osbourne (Singer)
Samuel L Jackson (Actor)
William Gibson (Science Fiction Writer)
Prince Charles (UK Royalty)

Inventions in 1948 included


Famous Irish movies included

The Luck of the Irish
The Time of Your Life

Also that year

Nationalisation of UK railways to form British Railways
Indian pacifist and leader Mahatma Gandhi is murdered on 26th January by a Hindu extremist
Israel is declared as an independent state.
The Land Rover Series I is shown for the first time at the Amsterdam Car Show
Western European Treaty is signed
The Foreign Assistance Act ( The Marshall Plan ) is agreed to provide more than $13 billion in aid to war torn Europe between 1948 and 1951
The UN creates the WHO World Health Organization
The United Nations General Assembly adopts the Universal Declaration on Human Rights
British National Health Service Act creating the NHS Created
India attacks the Pakistan City of Hyderabad
Instances of Polio ( Infantile Paralysis ) increase around the world.
The United States and Great Britain begins a massive airlift of food, water, and medicine on June 26th to the citizens of West Berlin following the Soviet Blockade.
Burma Gains Independence
Holden cars starts manufacture in Australian
NASCAR holds its first race for modified stock cars at Daytona Beach
Earthquake in Turkmenistan USSR Kills 110,000
6.7 magnitude earthquake hits Ecuador in the Andes creating landslides burying 100,000 homes
Sri Lanka Gains Independence From Great Britain
The National Party of the Dutch Afrikaners begins the policy of apartheid in South Africa
The Summer Olympics are held in London, England  
The Winter Olympic Games are held in St. Moritz, Switzerland
Porsche is founded
1 million households own Televisions was 5,000 just 3 years earlier